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    The ZOMBIE MONKEYS Want You! Our Faction ID is 124112865.

    Are you happy with your faction? Do you have 15 members pulling all of the weight of your faction? If so we have some spots. We are interested in merging with another faction.

    We were a top 500 Faction; well on our way to becoming a Top 250 until a few very strong members were told by their wives that they could not play MW anymore. We placed in the top 400/500 in the following Wars: Egypt (457), China (365) Ireland (331) Columbia (356) and Madagascar (409). We are rebuilding currently and will be a top 500 again in the next war. We were in the top 750 in Peru.

    Here are some benefits your members will get immediately upon joining us:

    Health Regeneration (-30%)
    Ground Attack (+15%)
    Air Attack: (+10%)
    Infantry Attack (+15%)
    Sea Attack (+5%)
    Infantry Defense (+35%)
    Ground Defense (+35%)
    Air Defense (+35%)
    Sea Defense (+25%)
    Building Defense (+35%)
    Building Output (+20%)
    Guild Increases (+28)

    We want all higher Attack members to score at least 10,000 World Domination points and be an active player with communication. Lower Attack members will always be taken into consideration and we will build them up to be powerful ZKs. Minimum Contributions are set weekly depending on need.

    With all of that being said, our Leader's number one rule is that you should always be increasing your Vault, Increasing your Land, Upgrading a Building, and Building a New Structure at all times, before you donate money to the Weekly Goal. But consistent excuses on why you can't meet the goal or are absent from war will NOT be tolerated. We are not unreasonable. We know everyone has a life and a family.

    Thank you for considering joining or merging with the Zombie Monkeys.

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