Microsoft Launches New Quickie Email App Send

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    The official Microsoft Outlook blog announced today that Microsoft is launching a new, iOS-only (for now, at least), app called Send, which is designed to be a way of sending “brief, snappy” messages using only an email address.

    Built via the Microsoft Garage, Send enables you to quickly and easily send a co-worker a short message that looks more like a text than an email, without a subject line or the usual formal email trapping.

    Microsoft says that it is ideal for sending short and to the point messages in the office when you’re busy and on the go, such as when you’re in the middle of a meeting and need to quickly ask a colleague if they’re coming to the meeting, without having to even type out a subject. The app even has ready-made quick replies such as “On my way” that you can access by swiping and choosing.

    Send is currently available for iOS in the U.S. and Canada, and works if you have Office 365 business and school email accounts.

    Click here to download: Send a Microsoft Garage project on the App Store on iTunes

    Source: Introducing Send designed for in-and-out email - Office Blogs

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