Microsoft Gets Ready for the Apple Watch, Updates OneDrive and PowerPoint Applications

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    Everybody is getting ready for the Apple Watch launch, and so does Microsoft, which has a couple of apps available for iOS customers. Microsoft has updated the iOS version of its Powerpoint and OneDrive apps to allow you to use your Apple Watch.

    The OneDrive app for Apple Watch users will let you view your most recent photos and delete photos you don't want to keep. You will also be able to find photos by tag, view your albums and much more. Besides Apple Watch support, Microsoft has also updated the app with a new PDF viewing experience in this update. Thus, you can now print your PDFs directly from your iPhone or iPad, search for text within PDFs and swipe from page to page.

    As for the PowerPoint app, it has been apparently renamed into PowerPoint Remote for Apple Watch. It's not actually a fully standalone app, as you can use it to control your slide show on the iPhone. You can also see the elapsed time, the current slide number and the total number of slides.

    Even if Microsoft is a competitor to Apple, it's nice to see that the company is taking care of its cross-platform users who are waiting for their Apple Watches to arrive.

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