Logitech unveils Wired iPad Keyboard, perfect for the classroom

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    As previously stated, the iPad has managed to become a very popular and worthy educational tool. Many schools and colleges hope to acquire grants in the hopes of purchasing iPads for their students. So far, feedback of using Apple tablets in the educational sector has been very positive, with students benefiting from such technology improving their grades visibly.

    Now, Logitech is trying to penetrate this new education​​al sector as well, offering a brand new keyboard especially designed for the iPad. Logitech has put out a number of other iPad keyboards which function using Bluetooth, but this one conserves the wire that connects it to the “master†system. The new Wired Keyboard for iPad has been called “the first iPad keyboard made specially for the classroom environmentâ€.

    You might be thinking: what’s the advantage of using wires in the classroom? Logitech explains that the endeavor of syncing iPads with several wireless Bluetooth keyboards might be too complicated for teachers and students alike. But the problem goes away if you add the wire in the equation. You just turn on the iPad and start working.

    The keyboard has big enough keys, a special home button and comes equipped with a Siri shortcut button. Most importantly, the accessory is water resistant, which is a very important attribute to have when you have to deal with children.

    When customers will purchase the Wired Keyboard for iPad they will get a Lighting connector or a 30-pin connector. The keyboard is available for $59.99.

    Source: Cnet

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    USB keyboard support

    Did you know, you can connect any (or most) USB (Windows) keyboards to the Ipad, using a USB/SD card reader for iPad. Cost effective, but lacks the home button. You still need to touch the screen, so pressing the home button is just as easy.

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