Logitech Announces New Type+ Bluetooth Keyboard/case for iPad Air

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    The next-generation iPad Air tablets are just around the corner, but this isn't stopping popular accessory maker Logitech to produce new products for the current range. Here's what the company said on its official blog:

    The new Logitech Type+ keyboard-case hybrid comes with a thin, light and two-sided protection that helps guard your iPad from the accidental bumps, scratches and spills. It now comes with an improved Bluetooth keyboard which has been designed to replicate the typing experience and layout you would have on your laptop.

    Logitech has also optimized the distance between the keys, and added a dedicated row of iOS shortcuts. The Logitech Type+ keyboard also has an automatic On/Off feature. So, thus, when the iPad is positioned upright, the Logitech Type+ automatically turns on, and when it’s closed, it automatically turns off.

    IAlso, the auto-wake and auto-sleep feature turns your iPad off when you close the case and wakes it when you open the case.

    The Logitech Type+ is available in carbon black and in mars red orange in select countries starting this month for a price of $99.

    Source: Logitech

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