Learning About Ipads in Elementary Schools

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    I run an online education company who is moving into the app market, primarily targeting schools with my Ipad apps. I don't really know that much about how schools buy Ipads, how they buy apps, and what the market dynamics might be. Does anyone have info on these basic questions? More specifically:

    When I start thinking about what I would like to know about schools (especially elementary schools) and apps, I'd like to know:

    How does a school buy a hundred or thousand Ipads?
    Do schools get special apple reps? Do they go through VARs?
    How many and who are these educational reps?
    What are these sales reps involvement with software?
    What software did schools buy enmasse? Is there a separate ranking/tracking someplace for top apps sold through the enterprise system for education?
    How do they update and manage a hundred or so ipads? Special carts?
    What’s the best Ipad software that they’ve seen?
    Where do they discuss school educational ipad issues? forums? newsletters? conferences?
    What training do they get for their teachers for Ipads?

    Yes, I have all the same questions for Android tablets too. And a breakdown of who is doing more in schools (Android vs Ipad)?

    Is there a forum which already does a great job on the question of elementary schools and apps?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
    John, Founder/Mayor

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