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    I'm hoping someone can help me. I purchased the cloud software from pc world 500gb version. I have manged to register and get it up and running. I have also uploaded data onto it from my laptop and files I have stored on my external hard drive.

    I have numerous movies on my hard drive and have attempted to upload them to the cloud. This has worked ans can be seen via the knowhow cloud. However I am difficulty watching them through my iPad. The files range from avi to mp4. I downloaded an app to play all movies however it only worked for the first film.

    Can anyone advise how I can get these movies to play? They are clearly stored however the screen saved says file is video, size - nothing listed, this happened to the first movie and then changed to show the file size after downloading the app to play other movies. It has however not worked for the other movies.

    Any advice or user guides would be greatly received.



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