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    I've spent the last few days learning about Keynote. I really like it and it's turning out to be one of my favorite apps on my iPad. However, I sent a presentation to iTunes for the first time today. I went to my PC, logged onto my account, and was unable to find my Keynote presentation. Where is it located?
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    Apr 26, 2011
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    Hello - I enjoy using Keynote and have been a long term PowerPoint user - I'm assuming that your iPad is connected to your computer and in Keynote that you selected 'Share and Print' and then chose to 'Send to iTunes' - correct?

    If so, please look at the screenshot below - select your iPad in the left panel, then go to 'Apps', scroll down to 'Keynote' and find the file of interest (in my pic below there are 2 files listed); select the file of interest and then chose the 'Save to' function to save to your computer in the specific folder desired.

    Let's us know if this answers your question - good luck! :)

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