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    this form is to show my friends that play kaW what i wrote, no means of advertising here.

    Title: Blissful Warfare
    Blissful Warfare

    Warfare is blissful


    Blissful warfare, Founded in <date> by BL1SS or AcTv_Leader.

    When this clan was founded,BL1SS the current owner was familiar with the game, but not an expert. All of our members joined to learn the game and make some gold.

    As time ticked by, our clan was growing in members and size. Desratrucker, (current owner), had put the most work into the clan, and was the most trustworthy.

    BL1SS became inactive,the clan became disorganized, desratrucker tried his hardest to support the clan, and he did.

    BL1SS was active for a few days, BL1SS was sorry for no being there for his clan. So he passed the leadership on to desratrucker.

    BL1SS became inactive again just after he gave desratrucker the ownership of his clan. To this day BL1SS is inactive but we keep him in this clan, because without him blissful warfare would not be what it is today.

    Current Operations

    Today Blissful warfare is a PvE(epic battle) clan. They are ran constant.

    ü 24/7 EB'S
    ü Run a smaller EB'S during our clan's inactive time(Depraved)
    ü Run larger EB'S on the weekends (origins)
    ü Run spacer EB'S (The Forgotten Ones)
    ü Run 1 or two reckoning During the day
    ü Let Smaller members get the item stages
    ü back you up if being attacked

    Our missions are to
    1: Grow as a CLAN
    2: Do larger Epics

    Current and Active Admin
    • Desratrucker (owner)
    • ThunderLizard
    • Payton7336
    • FirstGenRuler
    • Brutalme19
    • Skullhunter9
    • Notsopwnedg04 (Me :cool:)
    • undergroundhousebeats
    • AcTv_Leader
    • BL1SS
    • ChinChillian-ranga

    Q & A's

    Q:Can we war?

    A: maybe one day, once we grow more.

    Q:Can we do larger Epics?

    A:We may try one on a weekend,depending on what one.

    Q:Can I be admin?

    A: No, not until you are trustworthy [/size]

    Criteria [/size]

    • Must be active
    • All stats welcome
    • Active in clan chat
    • Willing to accept advice
    • Hit Epic Battles
    • No Farming


    Invest in allies to up your plunder
    Don't buy land until you max all.

    Notsopwnedg04 apply now :D

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