JP Morgan Says Serious Rival to iPad Might Not Emerge Until Windows 8

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    According to a story on AppleInsider, JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz said in a note to clients today that Apple “continues to dominate and enjoy the lion’s share of the tablet market.†With this in mind, JP Morgan also today raised its tablet projection for 2011 from 46.1 million to 51.9 million, yet at the same time reducing its tablet projection for 2012 from 76.3 million to 72.4 million. In his note, Moskowitz also said that it is possible that we will not see a serious contender to rival the iPad until the launch of Windows 8 towards the end of 2012. He did, however, also mention Amazon’s forthcoming Kindle tablet, saying that it was “interestingâ€, and that the strength of the Amazon brand, as well as the company’s obvious content and distribution advantages, could eventually prove to be a threat to the iPad, although he added that the tablet’s OS might prove to be its Achilles’ heel.

    Source: AppleInsider | JP Morgan increases 2011 tablet forecast to 51.9M as iPad dominates

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