Analyst Says iPad To Dominate for the next Decade

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 8, 2011.

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    BGR reports today that Needham analyst Charlie Wolf has said that he thinks that the iPad will dominate the consumer tablet market for the next decade. According to Wolf, he sees the iPad’s market share declining over the next 10 years to 60% in 2020, but that would still be a huge share of the tablet market, of course. Clearly, he thinks that the iPad’s rivals will not be able to come up with anything to touch it, even given nine more years to get it right. Wolf adds that he thinks any future tablets from Apple’s would-be competitors are more likely to steal market share from each other than from the iPad, so dominant is Apple’s tablet. Wolf says that he can see Apple shipping 35.61 million iPads in 2011, an increase of 137.4% from last year, and 85% of all tablets shipped. Going forward from that, he sees figures of 72.66 million units in 2013, and 140 million in 2020.

    Source: Apple's iPad will still dominate tablet market after a decade, Needham says
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    I love my ipad but this is a very very naive prediction. No one can see 10 years into the future of technology. No one.
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    Have to admit that the iPad really is innovativem, and deliver an experience that a mass market enjoys and appreciates.
    Just like my iPad, watching movies(Much portable! though lack flash support, but with some tools like ifunia can easily solve the problem), check emails, surfing, reading, playing games, and seems can developing my nephew's intelligence!
    I totally believe it can be the winner for the next Decade!

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