Jimmy Iovine Talks About His Efforts to Establish a Partnership with Apple and More in New Interview

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    Apple has recently bought subscription streaming music service Beats Music, and Beats Electronics for a total of $3 billion. To date, this has been Apple's biggest purchase, and has sparked a lot of controversy, with some voices saying that the amount might have been too high.

    In a new interview with GQ, the co-founder of Interscope Records and Beats, Jimmy Iovine, has shared some new details on how he convinced Apple to buy the company and much more. Iovine already had an ongoing relationship with Steve Jobs and it seems that he worked hard to persuade Apple to purchase Beats because.

    Here's one of his most interesting quotes from the interview:

    How did Apple come to buy Beats?

    "I convinced them that they had to buy this company. I said, "I don't want to work for anybody else. I want to do this at Apple. I know I can achieve this at Apple. I don't want to shop it. I wanna come here, to Steve's company.

    I know you guys; I know what you're capable of; I know you get popular culture. I know you have a hole in music right now; let me plug it." I think it was two years before they said yeah. After Steve died, and with the rise of streaming, I could see they needed something. Beats Music fit."

    Go ahead and follow the link from below to have a look at the entire interview.

    Source: GQ

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