Jet Set Radio Announced for iOS

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    Sega has this week announced that it is bringing an HD remake of classic Dreamcast game Jet Set Radio to iOS, at the same time as the game will be arriving on consoles and PC digital downloads this summer. The iOS version of the game includes the same slick gameplay, genre-blending soundtrack, and ground-breaking cel-shaded art style as the console versions, as well as features such as OpenFeint and Retina display support and the ability to use pictures taken with your iPhone or iPad’s camera as in-game graffiti. Players can look forward to skating around Shibuya terminal, silencing the Love Shockers, blasting through Benten-cho and much more, playing as DJ Professor K, Beat, Gum and all the GGs as they vie for control of futuristic Tokyo-to by marking their turf with graffiti tagged across walls, billboards and rival gang members.

    Sounds amazing, but I’m still holding out for new iOS versions of Shenmue I and II, please Sega!

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