iTunes store throws snit over my Apple ID

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    According to apple tech support, this shouldn’t have happened but did. I tried to use some paid-for software which was already running, was told I needed to pay to unlock all the features.

    I went to app store to see whether it recognized that I’d paid. It said “Open” rather than a price. I tried to download it again in hopes it would jog the iTunes store’s memory. I was asked for my iTunes password. I keep this in a Numbers spreadsheet. Upon trying to launch Numbers, I was asked for my iTunes password!

    Apple said it shouldn’t have happened - yet it did and they have no clue why.

    This doesn’t pass the smell test. It doesn’t seem reasonable that their server would ask for credentials when I wasn’t trying to purchase anything, or when I was trying to use software that is either paid for or free - including Safari!

    Seems like a very, very fragile system in need of a serious overhaul.
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