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Discussion in 'iTunes Forum' started by toothdoctor, Dec 22, 2015.

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    Over the years, I have spent alot of money buying TV episodes to watch on airplanes and in hotel rooms and occasionally at home when I get into a series like Game of Thrones. Apple is pulling a new trick and I wonder if I am the only one seeing it. For example, with the division of TV series into a Season 1 and 2 when each Season used to be 22-24 episodes, they now are 10-13 episodes before Christmas and then another 10-13 after, Apple is chrging full price and has even upped the price for the abbreviated seasons. Madam Secretary is now being advertised for $29.99 (HD or SD when HD used to be more) for the first 10 episodes only. Thats $3 a pop instead of $2 AND IT'S ONLY FOR 10 EPISODES.
    Also, I used to get an email with a link to any new episode when I subscribed to a series that would take me right to the correct download. Now I get a notice, all the links are broken and do not work so I need to go to the Purchased link on iTunes and figure out which episodes I need to download.
    A long winded narrative but i needed to get it off my chest.
    I hope someone from Apple is monitoring this. I WAS your best customer. You have forced me to go elsewhere to get my TV shows and movies. While I will still occasionally use iTunes for this,, it will be far less than the amount I have been willing to pay.
    Does anyone else feel the same way?
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    The number of episodes in a season is up to the producers of the show, not Apple. You do realize that it's the owner of the series that decides on the prices for the shows and how they're packaged, don't you?
    In the case of the second season of Madam Secretary, the price is likely for the full season, which is currently only about half over.

    BTW, this site is not affiliated with Apple in any way and Apple employees do not monitor anything on this site.
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