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    Hi again. Comments here have been helpful on audio, and I hope someone can enlighten me about ICloud.

    I am an old time Apple II user who only reluctantly switched to MAC, and once I made the switch I found it hard to get used to things like the IPhone, IPad, etc. Now that I have an IPad, I happily use it, but every time Apple introduces a change, I find that I don't really need it. And so it is with the Cloud. I wonder if people can tell me how it will/will not impact my life now that I have been forced to sign on.

    First, I got ICloud for one main reason. I have a address. I do not want to lose it. I do not send from it, but mail received at it is forwarded to my regular address. If i did not sign on to ICloud I would have lost a lot of mail forwarded to my regular account from

    I have an IMac and and IPad. I rarely travel with the Ipad, and when I do it is only to check email. I do not need access to much. I already sync my Mac music collection of 99 percent ripped CDs with the Ipad using ITunes wirelessly.

    At times I am confused by what seems to be overlap between the old, the new Cloud, and ITunes. I do not have ITunes Match because I hear it is only in the US and I am in Japan. Plus I am not sure I need it. And also, I am not sure if ITunes Match is part of the cloud or not.

    I have Time Capsule backups by the way, so am not sure what the Cloud gives me.

    My questions:

    1) Anything related to what I wrote above that is wrong?

    2) Will the Cloud back up mail on Mac Mail or Ipad Mail, even though I am not suing Apple's but my own providers?

    3) Why do I need it if I have IMap anyway?

    4) Most of my music is ripped CDs. As far as I understand, they are not in the Cloud unless I buy Match. I do use Itunes sync to keep the same music in both devices. Total amount of memory used for Itunes i am not sure. It says 25 GB on my 64GB IPad 2. Not sure if that is the ICloud limit or what I actually have.

    (5) The menu choices: Do I lose some capabilities if I enable them?

    a) First, I am set automatically for the most expensive plan. If I try to downgrade, I cannot select DONE. It looks like it will be automatic and I will have to downgrade retroactively. Is this correct?

    6)Mail is off by default. If I turn it on, how is it different than now, where the Mail app on my computer and the IPad already show me the same stuff more or less? Also, this is not mail from but stuff forwarded to my non Apple account using the mail apps.

    7) Photostream and documents & data are on. I do not have an Ipad or Iphone camera soi don't think I need this. It would be nice to see some of my Iphoto shops, but I suspect this is a whole 'nuther thing.

    8) Re getting photos from my Mac onto my Iphone, do I continue to use Itunes to sync some of that if I want?

    9) With stuff in the cloud (maybe not my CDs? How about my IPhoto stuff?) I am worried that stuff will disappear from my computer and ONLY be in the Cloud. How can i make sure I don't lose stuff?

    10) With documents and data on, should I be expecting to see copies of my Word docs and a pages doc on my IPad? Or do I manually have to move stuff?

    (e) ICloud backup is off. Do I want it on? It will not let me use Sync with ITunes if I enable that. Is that good or bad? I like that I can update my ITunes playlist on the Mac and have the same one on my IPad downstairs...this updates wirelessly. I am guessing this is different, but the whole thing is baffling.

    I suppose most of my questions reflect my ignorance of the way it works, but I find all the talk about the cloud baffling when so far things are working the way I want. I would be nice if I could see the same Word or Pages docs on the Ipad for the rare times I take my Ipad out of the house, and if that can be done painlessly ok. There is not a lot of public WiFI in Japan, for what it is worth.

    Thanks for bearing with me.


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