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Is Super Squawk Software, Spyware?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions - Site Assistance' started by Witecat, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Witecat

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    Oct 12, 2011
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    Recently, I purchased and installed a new app by "Super squawk software" on my iPad 2. Shortly after that, I noticed some unauthorized purchases being charged to me on my iTunes account. I had to cancel my credit card, and then when my bank contacted iTunes, Apple disabled my ID for security purposes. After having to get my account reactivated, not to mention canceling my credit card and waiting two weeks for the new one to arrive, it seems to have happened again, even though I have changed both my user name and passwords. Yesterday, when I updated all my info with the new names and CC info, I found another unauthorized charge on my account last night! I am wondering, that since we have to sign into our Apple account to update, or install any apps, that an actively used App can be "listening" or relaying personal info...? Has anyone else had this happen...? I have deleted the app in question...

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