iPad's global market share dropped to 43.6%

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    Tablets have become a commodity that most of us are ready to indulge without giving it a second thought. So, it’s no wonder that new figures assessing the global tablet market in the Q4 of 2012 showed that 52.5 million customers worldwide purchased such a gadget.

    And if you’re wondering who was crowned once again, king of all tablets, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that Apple’s extremely popular iPad took the number one spot with a 43.6% market share. The success has been attributed to the launch of the iPad mini a couple of months ago, alongside an improved version of the full-fledged iPad. However, compared to its performance in the previous quarter, numbers slipped a little bit, but we’re pretty sure this doesn’t constitute a source of worry.

    Following at numbers 2 and 3 where of course well known tablet vendors – Samsung and Amazon, grabbing 15.1% and 11.5% market share respectively. Even if Apple’s share slipped a little in this quarter, we can still see that Cupertino is not ready to give up the dominance it holds over the tablet market, as Samsung’s and Amazon’s share combined are still no match for Apple’s.

    The report comes to us, courtesy of IDC and reveals that compared to the last quarter, the global tablet market managed to increase with 74.3%. Compared to the last quarter of 2011, the market also experienced an exponential increase by adding 75.3% extra shipments to the total number.

    Other companies making it to the top 5 tablet retailers were Asus (mostly thanks to Google’s Nexus) and Barnes & Noble.

    Source: TheNextWeb

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    Shipments. What a way to artificially inflate your market share.

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