Ipad2 erase but want to retain jb

Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by ranjb, May 27, 2016.

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    Hi all

    I have an ipad2 jailbroken with 9.0.2.

    Since ios 9 i have noticed thst the ipad is grinded to a halt and is barely usable even doing something like surfing the web with safari or reading an epub using ibooks.

    I would like to sort this out, i been reading online and it does seem the ipad2 in particular has suffered with performance issues with v9.

    I am aware that it is an old ipad but i literally only use it for safari browsing and reading books as well as some utilities which are only available when jb so keeping jb is important.

    I would like to perform an erase content and settings on the ipad but my question is will i lose my jb? Some members have reported that once you perform a reset it goes into a loop and stays on the apple logo and the only way around it is to upgrade to latest ios which i dont want to do.

    Does anyone know any suggestions on what My options are. The JB is important to keep as well as ibooks but i am happy to lose all other applications and data.

    Due to the age and performance my plan is only to use this for reading and general internet surfing as well as a handful of required apps which i will continue to use, some of these are jb apps.

    Many thanks
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    The members are correct about what happens if you try to use the Erase All Content and Settings option on the iPad. If you connect to iTunes on your computer and use the restore function, it will erase all content from your iPad but it will also remove your jailbreak and update the iOS to iOS 9.3.2, which currently has no jailbreak.

    Hopefully one of our members more familiar with Jailbreaking will know how to erase the content on your iPad while retaining the jailbreak.
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