iPad sync to another PC; orig PC is gone

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by rmbjr60, Nov 4, 2012.

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    I originally sync'd my iPad to a PC with iTunes. I no longer have that PC. The PC I *do* have was used to sync a different device (an iPod Touch).

    So now when I plug in the iPad to the new PC, it gives me the choice to set it up as a new iPad or restore from the backup of the iPod Touch.

    Neither choice is workable for me, since there are photos on the iPad that only exist on this iPad and not anywhere else. AFAIK, both of those options will result in destruction of the locally stored data (photos, music, etc.) that was only backed up to a PC that no longer exists.

    If I re-install iTunes on my PC, it will no longer have knowledge of the iPod Touch, correct? So then it will give me the choice of sync'ing with the existing iPad's data? I'm hoping that is the solution, but wanted to make sure before I proceed further. Don't care about the music and apps - just the photos and videos we want to save.

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    To be safe, plug your iPad into Windows PC and then open Windows Explorer and click on your iPad name under "Portable Devices", click "Internal Storage", click on "DCIM" folder, and then copy all of the folders under the DCIM folder to your computer. They should contain all your photo and videos on your iPad Camera Roll that were taken with the iPad. If they weren't taken with the iPad, they won't show up there. There are programs for your PC that will allow you to copy most all of your documents, videos and pictures, from your iPad to your PC. Such as this website;
    How to Transfer iPad to New Computer/iPad?Search google for more options.

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