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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by Darkness Within, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Mar 23, 2013
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    I am looking for a way to stream on my ipad 2 in one of two ways:

    1.) An app that is
    - Free to install (If there were a way to test it first and ensure it's what I want I'd gladly pay a buck or two for it, but there isn't).
    - Free to access the actual videos
    There IS a difference here. I have tried Crackle and Matcha, both of these are free to actually install the app but will link you to access via Hulu, Amazon and other services which require paid accounts.
    This brings me to my next point:
    - Does not require paid account access. I do not have a job, and the amount of time I would actually use it is not worth a monthly payment anyway.

    2.) A streaming website such as Edited by Moderator - removed reference to piracy website that offers hosts compatible with the ipad, meaning not flash required. The ones I use on the computer including the one named here do not.

    Sometimes I like to screenshot but since the Macbook Air I use does not belong to me, I would have to email the shot to myself before I could crop it and then delete it from the computer. It would be easier to just have ipad access to the content.

    I am in the US since I believe that can make a difference.
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    Hi there and welcome to IPF.

    As this is your first post here you might not be aware of our forum rules however, we do not permit discussion of piracy here so we have removed the reference to the pirate website that you mentioned in your post.

    As you clearly mention in your post there are options to obtain free streaming media legally and hopefully others can chime in here with assistance regarding other legal methods but any further discussion of piracy (= stealing) and this thread will be closed, there won't be any further warnings.

    For your reference, you can find the forum rules here http://www.ipadforums.net/forum-rules-help-info/2119-forum-rules-everybody-please-read.html

    The Archangel

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