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iPad Questions

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by marty1990, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. marty1990

    marty1990 iPF Noob

    Jul 4, 2012
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    Okay, I'm a little confused. I haven't used an 'app' based portable Apple device since my 2nd generation iPod Touch. Now, I dunno if things have changed in regards to syncing, but am confused on what I have to do with app syncing.

    I downloaded all of my apps (paid for and free) straight to my iPad. I then wanted music, so when I hooked it up to my Mac, I said no to automatic sync. I synced across my music, but it did songs I didn't want - it was then I discovered the manual check thing, so I can pick and choose what songs I want on my iPad manually - brilliant.

    Anyway, whilst browsing the iPad whilst it was plugged in, I clicked on the app tab, and saw a check box for 'sync apps'. I clicked it, but the bar at the bottom saying what was on my iPad removed all of my apps. I didn't like this so left it unchecked. I then figured I needed a copy of the apps on my MacBook to check the sync apps box, but once I started downloading the apps, some were huge - i.e. Infinity Blade and I just couldn't be bothered having them on my computer. I then paused all the apps that were downloading, quit iTunes and reopened it and the downloads had stopped. I then deleted the apps that had downloaded from iTunes, since i had them on my iPad anyway.

    So, after that long winded explanation; how does app syncing work? And would me deleting them from iTunes/cancelling the downloads/enabling and disabling sync have messed up my apps on my iPad? Do I need to re-download them?

    I also have a weird issue with one of my songs. I purchased two songs via iTunes on my computer at the time I was syncing my music. I sent them across and all seemed well, until I attempted to play the latest song. In the artist... er... section with all the albums of that particular artist I have a full album and then the two newly purchased songs. All the songs play bar the newest, last song in the list. I click it and it doesn't do anything. I then scroll down slightly so the song isn't right at the bottom and it will then let me select it. The same happens when I spin it into landscape mode, so it's not a problem with the screen.

    Anyone have any insight as to what the problem might be?

    Finally, are magnetic cases safe for the iPad? I know magnets aren't good for tech. And does anyone else's volume rocker kind move side to side slightly? Don't think it warrants me to taking it to a genius, but wanna know if my iPad is the exception.

    Many thanks.

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