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    The brain inside the Apple iPad is a new processor that until yesterday has been unseen or unheard of. Introduced as the Apple A4, this new processor is a bundle of power running at 1GHz. The technology most likely came from the acquisition of PA Semi in 2008. According to Wiki:
    We believe the A4 name is due to it's fourth generation spot in Apple's family of multi-touch devices. There is also a high probability we'll see this chip in the next generation iPhone (iPhone 4G) and iPod Touch. According to Wiki:
    The A4 processor is much faster then the current iPhone 3GS running at 600Mhz and iPod Touch. Speed isn't everything when designing a mobile chip though, power consumption is just as important. "The A4 chip is so power efficient that it helps iPad get up to 10 hours of battery life," according to Apple's iPad Web page.

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