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    [h=2]IPAD VPN- SEND ALL TRAFFIC - Issue[/h] I have a windows 2003 server setup at home allowing a VPN connections via PPTP using the incoming setup though windows VPN server(no third party software).

    I set up the Client which is my iPad 3 and the connection goes through fine authenticating and then connected internally within the network. I'm able to ping local IPs and even IP addresses on the internet.
    However I'm unable to browse any websites via the PPTP tunnel. If I access the site via IP address it works, but not via host name.
    It is clear to me somehow that DNS service resolution is not taking place, however I'm not sure where the problem lies on IPAD or the Windows 2003 server, does anybody have a suggestion to fix it?
    My goal is to to securely browse internet via PPTP tunnel...

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