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    I spent about $25 on apps that are completely useless for note taking and studying. Here are my requirements: 1. A note taking app that works EXACTLY like MS Word, in that you just click and start typing and it types on lines (not in random text boxes you can move around) AND you can also draw objects and stuff. Preferably I could also write chemical formulas for biology and chemistry - but that's wishful thinking at this point. Already bought Good Notes and Notes+. Don't like them because I have to create text boxes to type into and the text doesn't follow the lines (like why the hell do they even have lines if the text doesn't follow the lines?). 2. A flashcard app that I can both write text and draw on (on the same card). I downloaded 3 free ones and paid for Flashcards Deluxe and it xxxxx xxxxx. Can't draw on it. Useless --- app. Any ideas?

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    There are several that are close and can handle MS Office files. None will be exact.

    I use Office 2 HD. It does Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    Some of the fancier formatting in Word does not come over exactly but it is usable.
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    Try the "Notability" app. No rulers, but types across the page, word wraps, offers fonts, sizes, alignments, etc. similar to Word. Easy to use. And you have your drawing tools.

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