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    I'm not new to IPF, but this is the first time I've used the app on the THIRD new iPad I've gotten because I broke the screen on the other.

    I came in today to search for answers to this question...

    I still have an ipad2. And I have the retina display new one. When I replaced the new one, for whatever reason, Carcassonne, the game I play most, is not: 1) giving notifications, and 2) showing all the Carcassonne games I see on the ipad2.

    I've reset the new one, verified they're running the same software versions, etc.

    Other games give me notifications and the game "states" are the same on both iPads.

    Any geniuses out there who can resolve my dilemma?


    Ps I'm posting here because I couldn't seem to find anywhere else that would let me!

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