iPad Images Found in iOS 5 Hint at 2048x1536 Display for iPad 3

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    Following hot on the shiny heels of yesterday’s rumours from Taiwan’s Economic Daily that Apple plans to release an iPad 3 with image resolution 5 to 6 times higher than that of the iPad 2 in Q4 of this year, AppleInsider has details of high-resolution, 2048x1536 pixel, images that have been found in the first beta release of iOS 5 by a TechUnwrapped reader. Both the iPad and iPad 2 have a display resolution of 1024x786, so doubling this would represent a similar sort of boost in quality to the one from the old iPhone 3GS’s display to the iPhone 4’s Retina display.

    The images, according to the source, were initially discovered within the new Twitter.framework in the iOS 5 beta, and have now also been found in Newsstand, another new iOS 5 feature. As the original source, TechUnwrapped, notes, the fact that these images have also now been found in Newsstand could point to the new iPad that would be capable of displaying such images coming sooner rather than later, although obviously that’s still pure speculation at this point.

    Source: iOS 5 and Twitter Framework Reveals iPad 3 to Have Retina Display? | TechUnwrapped, via AppleInsider | Double-resolution iPad images in iOS 5 beta rekindle speculation on iPad 3 display

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