iPad connection to Airport Express in bridge mode without internet access.

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by Tony Tea Bags, Oct 26, 2012.

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    I have an Airport Express (AX), 1st generation, configured to create a wi-fi network in bridge mode. I use this to control my telescope using an iPad 2 configured with "SkySafari Pro" software. The telescope is connected to AX via ethernet cable. This is done without internet access. I have used this in the field successfully offline (no internet) until iOS 6 and AU 6. Now:

    Ipad will not completely connect to AX network. It sees the network, joins (name is displayed), but wi-fi icon is not displayed, checkmarked letters never turn blue, and spinning icon never stops spinning.

    iPad connects to telescope for about 10 seconds, then drops the connection. I cannot re-connect unless I reboot the AX or dismiss and rejoin the network (that works only occasionally).

    I have a MacBook Pro that has a version of the same software, and I can control my telescope flawlessly with it using the AX in the current configuration.

    Configuring the AX to extend my existing internet network corrects all the iPad faults, but will not allow either machine to connect to the telescope controller. AX needs to be in bridge mode for that.

    What can I do to get all working again?


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