Ipad complete slow after io6 update ... How do I reformat or start from scratch

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by ipad.subu, Feb 18, 2013.

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    Dear folks

    My ipad 2 is crawling after io6 update

    It is not the wifi because other devices connected to the wifi are normal

    I am Not sure if it is only the io6 update but I am Quite sure it was not so bad earlier

    The ipad is hardly used , less than 6 GB 7 gb out of the 64 is used

    I'm using the official stuff only NOT jail broken

    What should I do ?

    Should I start from scratch ?

    Is there a new 6 ... Updated io6 ? When I click on settings -... - software update the ipad says "..your software is up to ddate "

    So i dont know whats weing

    but i wish to start using the ipad

    How does one start from scratch ?

    I thought it is only safari ... But now I see other things also crawling ... Example
    You tune via chrome

    I am NOT against apple etc I have an iPhone and ipad I just desperate because the ipad is completely crawling

    Thanks in advance

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