iO 6 Total Fail - Kindly share guys

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by kawakaa, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. kawakaa

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    Sep 25, 2012
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    Hello guys,

    I am here to review my personal opinion about the total fail of io6, where in fact guys I am a one of millions who were expecting the American giant apple company to develop something much better.

    I am using a galaxy note for 6 months and as you know quality wise I phone and I pad is better, yesterday I have got the new update for io6 with a big pleasure and happiness for downloading 785 mb of a software I really expected to fix the troubles and missed things we as I pad users in need for.

    I was astonished after 24 hrs using that it did not come at all to the expectations for the few things I found, and you guys might found more things as pros in using I pad.

    - maps
    Oh my god, the maps I am using everyday in driving were gone, and were replaced with very bad maps not realistic so demonic which might make you have an accident and die for the mistakes they have.

    Very bad and non understandable Arabic language where you will laugh if it runs.

    When you write I.e. Pizza Hut it will show you Pizza Hut in new york where I have already registered my region as UAE 2 months back when I bought it and it was working fine with this point, after update it is totally crap.

    Bad resolution, wrong signs, wrong exits, etc


    Totally gone and is not available in App Store.

    Not up to the expectations, no multi delete ( I did not open one of my emails and found 3980 not read so I started deleting them one by one)

    No link can be pasted as signature

    No edit mode like bold or italic or underline, no fonts when creating new email

    No smiles or stationary

    - Flash:

    No flash of course

    - Battery

    So hard to charge when you are on Internet or video

    - stuck issues

    Started getting stuck and Internet never opens, the only solution is to turn off and on the I pad

    - Handy / friendly use

    Always you need 3 to 4 steps to do something.

    Contacts not easy to find

    Editing contacts is pain it self

    - other things i noticed

    No infrared
    No external storage and if found so expensive
    No way to copy anything from my Lenovo laptop
    I have my 2 Tera passport and useless to watch or share
    Bluetooth only send not receiving anything
    No options on main screen
    No widgets
    Exit app = still running
    No options in editing photos
    No restart button
    No touch buttons for volume hence I have the I pad 3 in cover.

    Usually I use it for my office but guys it is not up to the score at all, I do not care if I use pad or Samsung or anything else, but I need a machine or handy pad fulfilling my needs and to be easy to use,

    In my own opinion and as a heavy user i think Samsung is perfect with hell plenty of options will make you hold your head hence I am using my note for quiet time now.

    I wish apple company mould adjust its way cause they are loosing it really, Steve jobs was so good and so creative where we believe that really this Arab guy r.i.p was the one, and really wish if apple company decides to make
    Us pay this much of money then they suppose to offer us a reputed pad we really can relay on.

    Sorry for my bad English, thanks all and peace be with you.

    Best regards
    Ahmed al Majid
  2. mwhartman

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    Nov 2, 2010
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    Ahmed, many of the issues that you posted were in the release notices ie YouTube. We have enough threads on this topic and no one on this forum can remedy or remediate what you have posted. I suggest that you contact Apple Support or visit an Apple store and discuss your concerns with them.

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