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    Apr 2, 2014
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    I bought a new ipad 4 the first of the year and loaded my existing iCloud backup onto it which included my Facebook app. At some point in time the ipad upgraded itself to 7.1. After doing this my FB app was gone. When I try to load the FB app I get a message to pop up that says "Enter the Facebook password for "" in settings". When's I go to settings and enter my FB password a message pops up saying "error signing in could not communicate with server". I have tried a hard reboot, changed my FB password, and reloading my ipad from iCloud and still can't get settings to accept my password. Interestingly, when I request the App Store to load the FB app, it loads the app without asking for my iTunes password but will not let me open it due to above messages. Any help is appreciated.

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