iPad 3 Display Production is Underway

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Nov 22, 2011.

By Maura on Nov 22, 2011 at 10:56 AM
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    CNET’s The Circuits Blog reports today that according to DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim, production has already started on QXGA 2048x1536 display panels for the iPad 3. Shim says that there are three companies involved, namely Samsung, LGD and Sharp. Shim is of the opinion that Apple has had to have three different suppliers make the panels because of the challenges involved with making 10-inch QXGA screens.

    Shim says that by enlisting three suppliers, Apple is ensuring that it will be able to keep up with the (most likely) huge customer demand for the next iPad. Shim then goes on to predict that fully assembled iPad 3s should be ready by December, just in time for a shipment date sometime in January. Bad news though for all of you hoping that the next iPad will have an AMOLED display, as Shim says that the display will utilize the same IPS technology as current and previous versions of the iPad.

    Source: Production starts for iPad 3 QXGA display: Analyst | Nanotech - The Circuits Blog - CNET News


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Nov 22, 2011.

    1. shriya00
      That is definitely expected for a March 2012 refresh!
    2. Ncaissie
      I'm getting one for my wife today for Xmas. If the 3 is announced for Jan I may talk her in to returning it. I don’t see it being out before March. Not in Canada anyway.
    3. tlbaker
      Will they take it back after 3 months?? Assuming you will buy it in december.

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    4. scottishwarlord
      I wouldn't get excited about it, it's probably not going to change that much just like every other apple product and it's not like I'll be able to afford it anyway lol.
    5. motorheed
      That's the problem"the speed of progression" the ipad3 out soon then the ipad4 will more than likely be out before Xmas 2012........money money money,where will it end? Answer NEVER!....and as said before there won't be much more they can do to these iPads just little adjustments here & there which makes us go"wow need to get that",feeling our ipad2 etc are old & out of date!
      Feel sorry for these folk that MUST HAVE these gadgets.

      Just my opinion
      Sent from my ipad2 which I,ll still have 2+ yrs down the line.
    6. tlbaker
      Yup!!! I am sticking with my iPad 2 until it self destructs!!! Mine is a gift with engraving. Verizon says since mine is a gift rather than a purchase I can upgrade now at the discounted price. Whoopeeee..... NOT.

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    7. stjohnm
      I'm still using I my Dad's old iPad 1 which he gave me when upgrading to the 2. I live in a part of the world that doesn't get new tech (from apple at least). on the same release date as the rest of the world, I was never going to fork out on a tablet lacking a camera for (Skyping etc) for the price Apple were charging but now I have it I do use it quite frequently but what frustrates me is that a large number of apps need the improved power of the A5 and iOS5 definitely does, although it is allot more stable with the 5.0.1 update.

      Because the apps & OS need a faster processor the need to upgrade the hardware is there, the problem for me is the lag between the US release date & the ROW release date was so long sometimes, with the first iPad, stores out here only stocked it for a couple of months before Apple announced the iPad 2. If an iPad 3 is announced in Janurary for a US release date in March 2012 it'll be Summer at the earliest (more likely Autumn/Winter) before we see it by which time the iPad 4 will be around the corner. I'm in no hurry to upgrade but will have to at some point as this will give up the ghost at some point, but it will be frustrating to know that when I do upgrade the device I get will only be the new device that everyone has for a few weeks before a new one is out and all the apps & OS updates are geared to that.

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