IPad 2 Synch with ITunes failure

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by bodge46, Apr 27, 2011.

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    I am a new IPad 2 32GB WiFi + Verizon 3G owner. I synch with a windows based computer OS Windows XP Media Center Edition 2006. I have checked to be certain all updates are current with both the computer's software (including the third party security software) and IPad and ITunes.

    I have followed all the Apple troubleshooting options and have found one solution albeit unsatisfactory. The synch will work only if I uninstall the security software before I attempt the synch. The security software I use is CA Internet Security Suite Plus which is provided by my broadband (cable company). Uninstalling, synching, and reinstalling is a time consuming process to say the least. I've tried disabling the firewall and other background scans without uninstalling the software but that doesn't work.

    When I attempt the synch with the security software installed, the synch proceeds almost to completion and then dumps everything and says ITunes has detected an IPad in the restore mode etc.

    Has anyone had this or a similar experience and found a satisfactory fix or solution? Thanks for any consideration and your patience in reading through this entire post.

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