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    I just got my new iPad 2 otter box defender case and I gotta say I love this case. I watch a lot review video on the case and it seems to me that this case will give me everything I need. I do got some pros and cons so I hope this review will help you guys to ease your mind if you are planning on buying this case.

    -The protection it offers is worth your $
    -ports are all cover so dust or sands won't get inside your headphones jack or dock connector
    -the cover that protect the screen can use as a stand when you view movies or even gives you a good angle to type
    -love the look of the case. A big time improvement from the 1st gen otter box defender case for the iPad 1.

    -is a bulky case so you need to give up the whole slimness the iPad 2 feature
    -is not a cheap case ($89.99 US)
    -this case is a big time dust lover, so every piece of that dirts will stick to this case. So cleaning once a week might require.

    Overall I'm extremely happy about this case and I'm a big time otter box fan lol sometime I do joke about that I wish otter box would make a case for your car LMAO!

    Finally my rating I would give to this case is 9/10 (4/5 stars or two thumbs up) lol

    Thanks for reading! Message me if you got any question about the case and I would try my best and answer to your concern.

    Send from my iPad 2

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