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    Jun 23, 2011
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    Dear All,

    I am searching for 2 Ipad 1 cases in order to suit the following:

    a) everyday use (should be as thin as possible) - something like smartcover for ipad2

    b) travel with backpack - this should be hard so that Ipad would not be damaged if carried in full backpack. for this one it is not important to look good - it might be plastic, metal, etc. the important thing is its HARD. 100$+ are not an option.

    I would appreciate your suggestions for purchase.

    Also, is it safe to use generic adapter to charge Ipad. I recently bought generic adapter (car and AC) but I'm not sure if is OK to use it. Wouldn't want to harm my Ipad.

    Thank you and kindest regards,
    new ipad owner

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