iOS changed my daily routine... For the better!

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    I've been using iOS products for that last 2 1/2 years, starting with the amazing iPhone 3GS. Then I got the iPad 1 over a year ago and got the AppleTV a bit later.

    In the last 20 years, I had several computers from desktops to laptops, organizers, agenda, cell phone... But no device has changed my daily routine as the iOS devices. I remember the time when watching a movie on your computer was "da thing", or using a laptop to control your music on a computer server, sound card being rigged to your sound system, to have music around the house on the click of a button... And what about being able to have a chat with the kids over a webcam while traveling... Now, all those "nice to have" are possible, easier to setup than ever.

    - a new email comes in, pick up the iPhone or the iPad and read it while cooking
    - watching a movie instantaneously on the tv, without having to go the the DVD store
    - buying a new game on the spot after reading a good review
    - reading the news at the coffee shop from all around the world
    - sending a picture to my family, seconds after taking it, on the spot
    - listening at radio stations from around the world while waiting at the doctor's office
    - checking weather and road conditions before traveling to ensure a safe trip
    - making a conference call with colleagues while eating breakfast
    - seeing my agenda, having alerts and reminders on all my devices without having to sync to a computer
    - getting the title of the song currently playing on the radio
    - finding the location of that customer without having to bring maps and notes
    - being able to compare prices on a product directly at the store
    - watching the new episode of my favorite show, when I want, where I want
    - no more wires, mouses, keyboards, big boxes on the desk,
    - reviewing big design documents in my favorite chair
    - calling anywhere in America without any by-the-minute fees

    The list could go on... Of course, a laptop could be used, but you only had 2-3 hours of batteries. Mobile Internet access was possible but unaffordable and it was slow as hell. Sending a picture on the spot with your cell phone was costing a bunch as we were being charged 0.15$/kb. In the span of 2-3 years, the mobility world has changed more our daily routine than what computers have done in the last 20 years. Should we thank Apple for this? Probably. But all I know is that Apple products have had more impacts on my daily routine than all combined achievements by other companies.

    The iPhone alone could not have done it. The combination of iPhone, iPad and AppleTV changed my media consumption habits, my Internet services usage and my daily planning for the better. It is now so easy, so accessible... Only a few years ago, nobody could have imagine all we can do now. And it will be way more exciting in a few years...

    Still no flying cars or space travel, but we have the world at the tip of our fingers ;)

    VicoPad addict!
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    Mar 11, 2011
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    That's a great post and sums up my digital life at present.

    The Archangel
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    Jan 16, 2012
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    awesome post i cant waite to get my ipad
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    Dr House, Excellent Review! For me it isn't an Os life enhancement, it is an iPad provided enhancement-->I don't own any other Apple product. Here is what the iPad has done for me:

    1. Remote banking: I can deposit checks, check balances, and pay bills

    2. Processing emails is so much more efficient

    3. Reviewing documents easy....highlighting, making changes, etc. amazing!

    4. I am always up-to-date on my stock investments

    5. Music scores are easy to read, learn, rehearse, and perform. I sing in two choirs, having my music on my iPad has made me an efficient musician. Recent improvements of ForScore app by adding a piano keyboard has eliminated the need for me to look for a piano!

    6. Making travel arrangements is incredibly simple. The iPad's value is when I make connections. Since Fort Wayne is NOT a major airport, in order for me to get to my work assignments, I have to fly through ORD, ATL, DFW, CVG. If a plane is late leaving the gate, once airborne and after the captain has given us a flight status, I can re-route myself to another flight BEFORE I land.

    7. Finding a hotel, making a reservation and communicating my status with my travel plans has saved me many room changes when I arrive late.

    8. Like you, Dr. House, keeping lines of communications open to home is far more efficient with my iPad. Now that I have iMessage, very easy...and with "find friends" my family knows where I am and vice versa.

    9. Reading the Bible, keeping up with the lectionary and being ready for church services...piece of cake.

    10. Speaking of cake...I enjoy my iPad has some amazingly delicious recipes and efficiently facilitates the entire cooking process from shopping to serving.

    Not a day goes by without me consulting my iPad.
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