iOS Apps with in-app Purchases Will Soon Allow Promo Codes

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    Developers have always been crucial to the development of the iTunes Store and we know that Apple has paid out a huge amount of money to them throughout the years. That's why the company has kept on improving the relationship with creators of iOS apps, by offering more features and tools at their disposal. Here are some of the improvements that Apple offered - the ability for iOS developers to mark down the price of their apps and games for a limited time, to promote apps through various codes or to offer them for free with In-App purchases. And now Cupertino is rolling out a new feature - the option to generate promo codes for actual in-app purchases themselves.

    The new feature is getting gradually rolled out and at the moment, it seems that only beta testers can make use of it. However, there is already a game which comes with this new improvement - Electronic Arts' Real Racing 3 title where by accessing a promotional page, iOS users can get a certain upgrade totally for free. This new feature is a good way to get more promotion for certain games through special codes and many developers will probably rush to make use of it.

    Source: TechTimes

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