iOS 8 Will Introduce a New Feature to see Trending Searches on App Store

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    Apple's iOS App Store is being used on a daily basis by millions of users around the world, and it is Apple's job to seek ways to make it better and more useful to them. And with the upcoming launch of iOS 8 this fall, the company is set to bring some interesting new features such as trending searches.

    With trending searches and other new features, Apple looks to improve the app discovery function within the App Store features. iDownloadBlog has more details on this:

    From the looks of it, the upcoming feature will be similar to Twitter’s Trends but we'll know exactly how it looks and behaves once iOS 8 gets officially released as Apple hasn’t shared much in terms of how this new features will work in iOS 8 App Store.

    However, an early look shows that trending searches immediately show when you tap on the Search tab in the iOS 8 App Store before typing anything. Thus, you see which apps customers are currently interested in, as well as a list of items related to your query after you search for an app.

    Source: iDownloadBlog

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