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    First downloaded ios8 to ipad4 same difficulties as everyone else. 8.01 didn't even verify. 8.02 fixed a few things. 2 obvious problems left still.

    1. Every time someone rings me on Facetime, as soon as I accept it disconnects and I have to call them back.
    2. Main irritation is that Web and search engines are sluggish and slow to respond..

    Fortunately I haven't been able to upgrade my iPhone4s as the file is too big and I would have to delete a lot off the phone. I normally have to wait for my provider ORANGE /EE to send me the updates. Significantly they have yet to do that. So still on iOS 7

    My question is.. Are Apple aware that there are still major problems and can we expect another update soon.

    My other question is should I even bother upgrading my iPhone4s to IOS8 when I get the update especially as a few of the apps that I use a great deal no longer function under IOS8

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