Major iOS 8 Problems iPad 2 & iPhone 5s (new)

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Mecrn, Oct 21, 2014.

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    I can't take it‼️ My iPad/My New iPhone 5s ARE A "HOT MESS"‼️‼️

    I really like and would love to keep all the GOOD iOS 8 updates BUT REAL PROBLEMS HAVE HAUNTED MY DEVICES

    Yesterday, I did a Full Reset on the iPad, before, I installed iOS 8.1. I was hoping it would rectify the problems⁉️

    NO, there's still problems: 1- Can't Copy/Paste! Get some old copied info. 2- When trying to highlight an area to copy, etc, many times it shakes, floats all over the place/page, you press copy (looks OK) BUT NOT). 3- Apps are crashing back to home page! Especially, Evernote. 4- Bookmarks were/are mixed up now as Favorites on Safari's desktop.
    5- my calendars and contacts once set to sync with Google and Pocket Informant, + Backup to iCloud, keep shifting and losing entries.
    6- Photo's all over the place. Once you get a photo & look in the album, I have to search for it & sometimes Not there at all.
    Although, like Copy/Paste, once u press on the word/photo, etc, it appears to be working as usual, but ø!

    7- My Shortcuts- appear & disappear.
    8- Option - Press screen - get "Select" "Select All" "Paste" Flickers. Lasts 1 Second, have to keep trying.

    AND THE BEAT GOES ON...........

    Point in fact, My iPhone 5s, does have iOS 8.02. I will NOT UPDATE To 8.1! I'm afraid that it will screw up the phone and make my phone inoperable. The phone is my lifeline!

    The iOS 8 GOODIES COME & GO❓❓Auto-fill, on-going suggested words...etc, etc.

    I wish Apple itself was directly available for help, without charging an arm & a leg, when it's their software, that's causing all this.

    Reluctantly, I guess, I have to go back to iOS 7.1:(

    If anyone can help me, guide me (easy step-by-step) to go back to iOS 7.1. I am knowledgeable in computing, but not some of the abbreviations used & due to the exhibiting problems on the iPad2, could cause road blocks.

    I would appreciate any guidance anyone can give me.
    Thank You,
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    Unfortunately, you cannot go back to any version of iOS 7. For now, I believe you can go back to iOS 8.0.2, but that may not be for long as Apple is pretty swift at closing signing windows. They generally only allow you to install the most current iOS onto your iDevice.

    Have you tried to restart your iPad since you installed iOS 8.1 on it? That may help it to "settle" down. In addition, while an update looks like it's immediately loaded, the iPad is actually still indexing files and such. So, you may want to allow a bit of time for the iOS to fully seat.

    How did you install iOS 8.1 - on the iPad with the over-the-air (OTA) process or using iTunes? If a restart or time doesn't help, you may want to consider reinstalling a "fresh" version of iOS 8.1 onto your iPad using iTunes.

    I am sorry you are having these issues. Hopefully, we can help you get the iPad to 'behave' properly...

  3. Aerofly

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    Sep 18, 2014
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    My heart goes out to you with all the problems you've had. My iPad 2 problems have not been anywhere near as bad.
    Surprisingly I'm still experiencing one of your problems, which is annoying to say the least. I too sometimes get the wrong "copy and paste" data, which is always the same "old" data from long ago. A second "copy and paste" usually works ok. Even several hard resets have not helped.
    My iPad 2 is now at iOS 8.1
    Anyone know if this is a widespread problem?

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