iOS 7.1 . . . is this a good thing for iDevices' owners and Apple Sales ?

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by mydave, Mar 22, 2014.

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    Am I correct that Apple's effort on iOS 7.1 is about the battle against iPhone theft ? A great many phones & tablets' owners wanted to have their devices rooted or jailbreak. Look at XDA and a great many Android forums. While the iOS 7.1 is meeting Apple's intent, would this improve their sale since people would feel safer that their devices, if stolen, would be valueless to the thieves. Or it would hurt their sales as people would switch to Android or RIM ?. Is there any study? opinion ? prediction ?
    Can we have some discussion on this topic ?

    P.S. Myself, I stick to my iPad1 and may not pursue the upgrade unless . . . :eek:
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    7.X in general was an anti-theft protocol, but increased scam incentive. Some sellers will sell iCloud locked devices, so there's a sense of security/safety yet a sense of paranoia for buyers that aware of the possibility of getting an iCloud locked device when they're buying second hand devices. Overall, iOS mobile devices will always have their demand, much like how Android will always have their portion of demand, no matter how well the latter is doing.

    For thieves, it's a pain in rump roast for them because now, they have to check to see if the device is on iOS 6 or below or not. And if it isn't, they have to chance the fact that the person does not use iCloud (I have yet to see anyone not have an iCloud account logged on), this does not even count for Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod. As long as you have an iCloud account signed in, regardless of Find My iPhone on or not, the thief must have your password in order to sell a working device. Otherwise, they would steal it anyways, claim that it works by conning the unknowing, and profit from that. And because a lot of consumers/buyers think only of the dollar sign, and not the reasoning behind the dollar sign, they fall prey for them. i.e., if an iPad 2's market value is $400 MSRP, a used one will average about $250-300. If there's one that's sold for $100-150, or even 200, you must have a question mark going through your head. Why would someone sell a high demand product at 50% of the price? Even with a cracked screen, the device will still have a high demand because a screen replacement can be done for about $50 by unofficial parties and repair shops.

    For readers, as posted on the sister iPhoneForums, here is a small re-post of what you should look for/at when buying an iPad through unofficial or mediums that are not guaranteed (such as Craigslist).

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    1,306 the interest of having more members view your thread, I have now moved it to the iPad General Discussion Forum. ;)

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