Apple rolls out new iTunes 10.5.2 with features a bunch of fixes

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by JohnnyApple, Dec 13, 2011.

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    From the never ending stream of updates and new versions, here comes a new story: Apple just released iTunes 10.5.2 – which is the latest form of the multimedia application. The new version is available for download and is just 102 megabytes if you’re a Mac user. The Windows one is 66-68 MB and offers a whole agenda of new fixes and changes. All you need to do is run Software Update on your Mac or Windows PC or just head over to the Apple website and download it from there.

    Apple has been certainly aware of some issues regarding iTunes Match, and with this new version aims to correct all of them. So the software includes fixes for iTunes Match and annoying CD-related audio distortion problem.

    iTunes Match was first introduced back in November and allows users to sync their non-iTunes musical collection with the benefits of iCloud wireless matching for just $25 a year. But since, things didn’t go as planned for this released, Apple had to roll out a fix immediately in order to keep costumers happy.
    Some other interesting features of iTunes 10.5.1 include:

    Automatic downloads: users can purchased their music from any device or computer and subsequently download a copy on their personal Mac, Desktop or iDevice.

    Download Previous Purchases: you can now downloaded your old purchases which include music, TV, apps and books and no extra fee will be charged to your account. Although some items might not be available on iTunes Store any longer.

    Sync your iDevices: it doesn’t matter whether it’s the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 5.

    (Source: Apple Forum, TIPB)
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    This is great to know!
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    Help in restoring ipad 2 after installing iso 5. Its not working!

    Hi, I need help & would appreciate if someone can guide me through this. I bought my husband ipad 2. He used my computer to setup itunes & download applications. That was a couple of months back. I didn't realise he hadn't updated his ipad 2 to iso 5 version so I tried that last night. After taking about an hour, it started hanging & a message reading it was unsuccessful in downloading iso 5. I tried switching off & on, both my computer & ipad 2. But it doesn't work. The itunes on my comp does not even read the ipad 2 & the ipad 2 is not showing up anything except for a picture of itunes logo & the plug.

    I think the problem lies in that I update my iphone on my comp & his on my comp too. And perhaps, itune got confused. Please help. I just want to get ipad 2 working again. Its hanging, & nothing seems to work.

    Thanks for reading this. I'm sorry for taking up your time & thanks for your attention.
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    Updating has been a nightmare for many users; others find it smooth sailing. My update eventually worked after 10 hours. YMMV. Since you've posted on this thread, I assume you've checked to be sure you have the most recent version of iTunes (10.5.1 or more) on your PC/Mac. If not, be sure to do that before you try anything else. Once you're done so, give it another try. If you're still having problems (and you may be), take a look at the threads on this site for help in updating.

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