iOS 5 Newsstand GLITCH, Hide In Folder NO JAILBREAK NEEDED!

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by PhilSynowiec, Nov 5, 2011.

By PhilSynowiec on Nov 5, 2011 at 4:06 PM
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    One of the new features in iOS 5 was the magazine subscription service application, Newsstand. This service is cool if you use it and very useful for downloading your latest subscriptions. But let's face it, not all of us use it or read magazines on our iDevices. Apple did not give us the ability to hide the app icon if it's not needed but the good thing is, there's a glitch. Jiggle your icons by holding one down. After that put Newsstand next to any two apps so you can tap it quickly. Now in a fast motion you're going to have to make a folder with two apps and hold down the Newsstand up while the folder is being made. You have a split second to tap Newsstand especially if you're on a 4S which creates folders a lot quicker. It might take you a few tries but it's real simple once you get it.

    Now you have successfully got Newsstand out of your way without the need of a Jailbreak. Tapping Newsstand while in a folder will make your iDevice crash so watch out, but it's also just a quick respring, noting bad. Leave your comments below =]
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by PhilSynowiec, Nov 5, 2011.

    1. thewitt
      You are basically corrupting the file system by exploiting this bug. What that does to the stability of your device and the viability of your backups is unknown. This is a bad idea...

      The fact that your device crashes when you access the nested folder is a warning.... You should heed that warning...
    2. SweetPoison
      I was just reading about this.

      So ~ you are saying that this is not a good idea?
    3. hotwheels97
      No it doesn't do much (challenge) put folder inside folder in-till u only have two folder left!!!!! Good luck

    4. thewitt
      Ive been a software developer for nearly 30 years, and a registered Apple developer and iOS developer since the first developer program was created, and I would not intentionally corrupt the file system on my device. Ever.

      The side effects of this action are totally unknown.

      You will crash your device if you try to access anything in nested folders (Newsstand is implemented as a folder), but we have no idea what other things break. Will your backups be safe or unusable? Will internal temp file cleanup keep running? Is there anything else that will become unstable in iOS under these conditions?

      I don't thnk these conditions have been rigorously tested and clearly iOS does not support the nesting today which is evidenced by it crashing....

      Caveat Emptor.

      You can bet this bug will be squashed in a future point release of iOS as well. So this "fix" is going to be very temporary anyway...
    5. Globalpad
      Does seem a bit tricky (no expert) what I simply do for Apple that cannot be disabled via iTunes is to create a new screen at the end of the series and place all the stuff not required there.
    6. MuddyPaws1
      I have been doing this since brand new and it hasn't effected anything. Corrupting the file system is a load of bunk.
    7. jsh1120
      In the interest of full disclosure I'd suggest that anyone with a financial stake in the success of "Newsstand" disclose that fact when warning others against trying to get rid of it.

      Also worth noting, however, that this "fix" works only if you don't subscribe to a periodical that has been abducted by "Newsstand." If you happen to subscribe to such a periodical you cannot eliminate Newsstand or extract the periodical from its grasp.
    8. thewitt
      I'm glad you have exhaustively tested the results of nesting folders in an OS that does not support the nesting of folders and can announce with such certainty that there are no negative side effects for any configuration - other than the obvious system crash if you try to access anything in the nested folder...

      I will still avoid this bug just in case you missed something in your testing... and yes info consider this a corruption of the file system when you create a condition where the OS cannot handle the file structure without aborting its intended operation.

      And a for the implication that I might have a vested financial interest here, thats just laughable. If you subscribe to a magazine where we have written the app that supports Newsstand, we have long ago been paid and your hiding Newsstand either on the last page of your device, inside a nested folder, or deleted in a jailbreak makes no difference to our bottom line whatsoever. As has been stated, you cannot continue to hide Newsstand if you have active subscriptions, the OS won't let you.
    9. thewitt
      Just as an aside, anyone who thinks I post in this forum for financial gain is deluding themselves. I've never once mentioned the name of my company or any of my apps, and I never will.

      I'm here to share what knowledge and experience I can, without violating my NDA agreements, in an effort to help the community for a family of devices that I believe is changing the way we use electronics forever.

      Nothing more. Nothing less.

      You are always welcome to ignore my posts, but don't accuse me of being here for financial gain.

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