ios 4.2 update problems---am I the only one?

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    Dec 21, 2010
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    Since the Novembers update I've had these problems.

    1. My e-mails in my inbox totally erase about every 5-7 days. I only keep about 30-50 e-mails in there and have it set for up to 200 allowed. This never happened to me before the update. Ditto for anyone else?

    2. Has anyone been able to tell whether leaving the apps opened and then closing the screen for a few hours drains the battery more than closing all of them first? I think it does but I may be imagining this.

    This is my main complaint but I will also now list a few other things that I have learned have changed for the worse (for me, and maybe for other's too).

    1. I used to go to weatherunderground to see the local radar---best view of current radar out there. I can't do that anymore because I found out from apple that the safari memory is now limited. Thus, now if I go to weatherunderground, it will usually go there before crashing but when I try to go to my towns local radar and animate it (like I used to be able to), it crashes. I have gotten other sites and apps now that I'm using but nothing still works as well as the weatherunderground site. So, if anyone is trying to do the same thing, you can't because now that they've changed the update to allow multitasking, they limited the safari's memory. I also did try atomics web browser and had the same problem too.

    2. No more using a dcim folder in a flash drive to install some videos into your photo directory on the i pad. They've limited that too. You'll now need a camera sd card (if you still have the video on your camera) to do so, or a friend told me that I'll need a powered dock to do so. I did solve this by adding the video to my i tunes movies and seeing them that way now.

    Please excuse if I can't write back to anything here for about 24 hours as I'm dead and hitting the sack. This is my first time on any forum and hope that I've done okay.

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