IO Crest iPad Book Style Leather Case Review

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    Here is my mini-review on IO Crest iPad leather Case The leather case came in a plastic retail packaging, on the outside it got Go-optima logo on it but sold under the name IOCrest/Syba on amazon. So I assume they go by iocrest in the USA. The case is nicely stitch together and made with real leather that doesn’t slip around on flat surface when used in the stand mode. The iPad is held in by pressure clip around the four corner which seems a bit weak on securing the ipad, but still strong enough where the ipad won’t fall out during normal use. Overall, this leather case is a nice accessory for the ipad if you prefer leather cases over the other plastic series. One the side note, this case only fit the first gen ipad not the ipad 2.
    I order mine through
    IO/Crest Syba website for product info.

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