Inventors Develop LiquidKeyboard Prototype for iPad

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    [ame=""]LiquidKeyboard demo - YouTube[/ame]​

    Check out this amazing invention as featured on 9to5 Mac which is the work of Christian Sax and Hannes Lau of the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. It’s called the LiquidKeyboard, and is designed to make it easier to type on your iPad’s keyboard. As the video explains, unlike a hardware keyboard, if you try to rest all your fingers at once on the iPad’s keyboard, it’s actually very hard to avoid accidentally pressing the wrong key. Hence, typing is, for many people, slower on the iPad than it would be on a hardware keyboard. However, this ingenious prototype keyboard appears to have the solution to this problem, as it has the ability to adapt to your natural finger position when you are typing. When the user places all their fingers on the screen at once, the keyboard pops up on the screen and ergonomically aligns itself with the position of the user’s fingers and wrists. It will even support a one-handed typing style. The designers hope that the LiquidKeyboard will thus help you to improve the efficiency and speed of your typing on the iPad. Unfortunately it’s a prototype, so some ways off actually being available to the general public, but fascinating stuff all the same!

    Source: LiquidKeyboard prototype could revolutionize iPad typing with fully adaptive layout (Video) | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

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