INSIDE FOXCONN: Exclusive look at How an iPad is made (富士康內幕:獨家檢視IPAD製造過程)

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    我想,在經過Jon Stewart的"吹捧"下,鴻海的富士康是如何製造iPad,大家都看得一清二楚,但我看到有一篇非常適合想要進修學習中文或英文的有為青年閱讀,特此放上來,讓我們來一起自我學習。。。



    It's 7 in the morning at the gates of Foxconn's Long-Hua factory campus in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Nearly a quarter million people work at this factory. The average age around is from 18 to 25 years old. 99% of them are migrant workers. They travelled across China to earn money to send back home. Outside the iPad production line, the supervisor gives the workers their daily assembling line assignment.


    The first part of the assembling line is this floor where workers assemble the iPads & motherboard. Foxconn recently introduced machines to do part of the work on this line. Here a machine attaches a tiny buckle to the motherboard. If anything goes wrong with this particular iPad, Apple uses this buckle to trace the machine back to this line on this date.


    Later on in the assembling line the motherboard and other components are installed inside the iPad housing. Each step in the line adds a new component. Some steps just take seconds to complete. Like this step where machine is used to press the iPad battery into the housing. Workers usually rotate their jobs every few days. Workers on this line start out making around 14 dollars a day. After a couple of years, their salary doubles.


    After workers install the LED touchscreen display, the iPad is nearly complete. But first, the iPad takes a ride on a machine that tests its gyroscope, which is used when playing video games. A few more screen tests, (and) the iPad is boxed up and sent to the addresses throughout the developed world.

    但閱讀完后,我有個疑惑,怎麼沒看到testing battery的?

    注:如果您想看更多圖片并茂的富士康工廠的貼子,請移步至馬來西亞iPad論壇:INSIDE FOXCONN: Exclusive look at How an iPad is made (PICTURES storyboard)


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