In 2013, Apple Products Made up More than 18% of all Grand Larcenies in NYC

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    Back in September last year, we shared with you the news which was informing us that NYPD cops were encouraging iPhone and iPad owners to download iOS 7, because the latest iOS increases the security of Apple’s mobile devices. The reason why the New York Police Department decided to help Apple was because the iPhone and the iPad are extremely popular targets among thieves.

    Now, a new report from the Wall Street Journal signals that thefts of Apple products made up 18 percent of all grand larcenies in New York City last year. The publication cites NYPD figures which show that out of the 47,000 grand larcenies that have occurred in the city last year, 8,465 involved Apple products, which represents almost a fifth.

    However, when compared to 2012 figures, the number of those crimes reported to police has decreased by about 1%. The most popular Apple products among criminals are obviously the iPad and the iPhone. In 2002, when none of these two existed, there were only 25 grand larcenies of Apple products, according to the police.

    Source: WSJ, iPhoneforums

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