iMovie and GarageBand Apps Announced for iPad

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By Maura on Mar 2, 2011 at 3:27 PM
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    The final part of today’s Apple launch party for iPad 2 focused on two new iPad apps that will be available for $4.99 each: iMovie and GarageBand.The iPad 2 version of iMovie, as demonstrated by Randy Ubillos at the launch event, enables iPad 2 owners to shoot and edit videos right on their iPad and post their movies to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and their MobileMe gallery. You can then watch the movies on your iPod, iPhone or iPad, or view them on your HDTV via AirPlay and Apple TV. The app will be universal, so will also work on the iPhone and iPod touch.

    GarageBand for iPad, presumably inspired by all the different ways in which the iPad has been used to make music over the past year, turns your iPad into a collection of touch instruments, and includes an 8-track recording studio and 250-plus loops. Steve Jobs came back onstage to launch it personally, before handing over to Xander Soren for a demonstration of what it can do. He showed how you can play on-screen keyboards, guitars, drums and basses using multi-touch gestures, and how, even if you’ve never picked up an instrument in your life before, you can use the app’s Smart Instrument feature to “play” the on-screen instruments using simple gestures. Kind of like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, maybe, but a little more elaborate. There’s even an autoplay facility so you can sit back and do nothing at all!

    Both apps will be available in the App Store from March 11.

    Source: Live from Apple's iPad 2 event (update: it's over!) -- Engadget, Apple
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 2, 2011.

    1. twerppoet
      I was watching some of the live blogs from the event today, and what I heard makes me want this, bad. And I'm not even a musician. I just love musical toys.
    2. Demandarin
      Will tjose sme apps wrk on currnt generation ipad's?
    3. freebirdforever
      Id assume so as ling as your updates to 4.3
    4. jordexj
      If you have the first Ipad then I would say just wait... the changes seem minimal at best... a little better chip, facetime, and one less button to push when turning off your Ipad... not enough changes to make me sell mine and buy the new one...
    5. pastan
      Ive watched the launching of ipad 2 from their website. The 2 new apps are fantastic!

      Music made easy for everyone is what i can say for garage band. You dont need to be a musician to be able to use this app. I think its a great start for people who wants to learn how to play an instrument.

      And imovie was just mind blowing. Video editing right at your very own hand.

      This 2 new apps just made things way too much easier. For 5$ each, its worth the pay.
    6. Mpearl
      Where did you see the video of those two apps?
    7. twerppoet
      On the Apple site Apple you can watch the no-longer-live stream of the keynote. It's about an hour long.
    8. pastan
      Go to then ipad section. Look below the flash video. The title is keynote
    9. Jackenhack
      Anyone know if GarageBand will work on the original iPad?

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