I'm using my laptop right now.

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by uniquename, Apr 11, 2011.

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    Simply out of guilt. I'm curious the path other ipad users have taken. I've seen a number of us (small number, but a number) are cross platform users. Anyone else found the perfect 'for now' combo?

    I got an HTC EVO...my netbook usage suffered, as did my laptop usage.

    I added an archos 70, my netbook hasn't been seen since.

    I added the ipad...the poor laptop is lonely.

    I no longer need anything mobile or portable besides my two tablets (they each serve a purpose to me) and my phone. My desktop/HTPC blows them all away if I need something intense. For regular everyday use...once I find the perfect BT keyboard, the laptop is dead to me. My solution isn't perfect, but it really is much easier for me. The few limitations aren't stopping me.

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    I was interested to read your post and I think we are like minded. Your combination of computing platforms sounds ideal. For many of us, the iPad has replaced a significant proportion of what we used to do on our laptops and PCs but not everything - and it was never intended by Apple that it should be any other way, I think.

    I have a folding Bluetooth keyboard that I bought from Amazon. It's great to take around with the iPad - folds up really small and then is kept in a faux leather case. It has a few iPad dedicated keys - Home, Volume Up/Down, Next Track, Last Track etc - but is clearly much easier to type on than using the on-screen keyboard and more compact for taking around than the Apple Bluetooth keyboard.


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